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  • Financial Audit:

    At ANKH, we provide high-quality audit services to help ensure that our clients’ financial statements meet the regulatory and business requirements under which they function. As such, we are committed to providing independent, comprehensive, effective and efficient audits of financial statements.

  • Statutory Audit:

    All companies and other entities that meet certain criteria are required by law to have their financial reports audited - we are able to provide audit services for most entities, regardless of their size or industry. Our team members are experts in company audit, co-operative audits and tax audit etc

  • Internal Audit:

    Internal auditing is an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve an organization's operations. It helps an organization accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes.

    Our team members who experienced in Internal audit and risk management helps the clients to improve operational efficiencies and meet their organisation goals

  • Concurrent Audits and Stock Audit:

    Ensuring the real time transaction verification procedure rendered for large organizations like Banks, PSUs etc. On behalf of client we also undertake stock and receivable audit.

  • Quarterly Reviews:

    Besides regulatory requirements, quarterly review /limited review of financial statements helps management to access company performance in a more accurate manner and it also boast the investor confidence.

    Based on analytical procedures conducted with limited assurance, we ensure the fairness of quarterly financial statements

  • Special Purpose Audits:

    Audit reports or certificates for special purposes may be issued in connection with:

    • » Financial statements which are prepared in addition to general purpose financial statements
    • » Specified elements, accounts or items of a financial statement;
    • » Compliance with requirements of any agreement or statute or regulation;
    • » Financial information given in special purpose formats or schedules;
    • » Compilation of statistics or ascertainment of basic figures e.g., for the purpose of fixing quotas or levies.
  • Information System Audit:

    Information Systems is the heart of an organization. Its success is dependent on its methodologies and its process framework. Teamed up with the right infrastructure, companies who have properly planned information systems in place are the ones who gain maximum competitive advantage.

    We review the complete IT infrastructure, Networking, Business Applications, Data Security and controls.Primary focus of this audit is to protect the information assets in line with business risks. Audit is conducted with the help of comprehensive audit checklists and necessary audit tools


  • Direct Tax and Indirect taxes

    We provide comprehensive services in the area of direct tax and indirect taxes

    • » Tax planning
    • » Tax Returns
    • » Tax Compliances
    • » Tax Representation
    • » Transfer Pricing
    • » Ascertain the applicability of different taxes.

Advisory Services

  • Risk Advisory and Compliances:

    At ANKH, we can help your organisation to control and mitigate exposure to regulatory and compliance risks – while also helping you to reap the benefits of a risk-based approach to business management. We specifically provide:

    • » Due diligence
    • » Implementation of standard operating procedures
    • » FEMA/ RBI and Other Regulation Compliances
    • » Registration under various laws
    • » Certification under various laws
    • » Compliance - Transfer Pricising Regulation
    • » Drafting of varios deeds such as Settlement deed, Partition deed, Lease deed, Trust deeds, Partnership deed etc., Collaboration Agreements and other Legal Documents.
  • Corporate Finance:

    The services comprise of objective advice on mergers and acquisitions, financing options and evaluating strategic alternatives.

    • » Business valuation
    • » Project Reports
    • » Contact with Banker for providing loans to clients


We emphasize on the concept that clients should concentrate on his core business activities. Their focus should not be deviated from these core business activities. All the non core jobs should be outsourced to us to derive the better results at lesser cost. And We will be your dedicated, reliable & committed employee providing accounts process services enabling you to concentrate on your core business strategies.

  • » Bookkeeping
  • » Payroll Accounting
  • » Inventory Accounting
  • » Cash Flow/ Budgeting
  • » Financial Statements
  • » Reconciliation
  • » Accounts Payable
  • » Periodic Review
  • » Data Processing



We provide consultancy services in the area of:

  • New Business Set-up
  • Accounting, Audit and Income tax Services
  • Financial services
  • Foreign Collaborations Services
  • Company Law Matters
  • Import - Export
  • Societies and Trust
  • Sales and Service tax